Thermomix bread & the window pane test

When I wrote this post about the success I’m having with Thermomix bread, a reader commented and asked if the dough was sufficiently strong enough, after kneading by the Thermomix, to pass the window pane test.

It was  the first time I’d heard of the window pane test (think what I’ve been missing all these years!).

I made bread rolls yesterday and can proudly report (for Fiona) that the dough passed the test!

I couldn’t take photos because I had too many things happening at once, had doughy fingers and couldn’t find the camera (it turned out it was in the car).

But I found this site with good photos of the technique.

The dough was so strong, I had to really pull on it to break it into roll-sized pieces. I’m surprised because the recipe calls for only 1 min and 30 sec of kneading. Doesn’t seem like a lot when I think of standing at the bench for 15 min or so, doing it the old way.

It makes me wonder how hand-kneaded and machine-kneaded dough stacks up. One day I might do a loaf by hand again, but wouldn’t ever bother to use a bread machine again.

One Response to “Thermomix bread & the window pane test”

  1. Fiona Says:

    Thanks for that foodnstuff. I guess i live in hope. But I recognise that maybe the Thermochef just won’t be as good. I’ll have to do some more experimenting of my own. Having said that, I am liking having the Thermochef so much that I reckon if it broke down I’d be straight out to buy a Thermomix! (But that was always the plan, see if I like it first, and then if I do I can replace it later with the better model 🙂 )


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