Chicken blogs

I’ve been searching out chicken blogs.

Two of my favourites are Scratch & Peck and HenBlog.

Scratch & Peck is written by Lauren Scheuer. She’s a children’s book illustrator, so her blogposts are a delighful combination of photos and drawings. Lauren’s family inclues Lucy, Fern, Daisy, Lil’ White, Pigeon and Marky the dog.

HenBlog is the work of Terry Golson. She has a flock of Girls, 2 goats and a floppy-eared rabbit called Candy. One of the unusual aspects of her site is Hencam. It features a webcam actually inside the chicken shed. Because it’s in the US, times are all upside down, but if it’s night-time over there a message tells you what time sun-up is and you can connect back then. I always seem to be online at the wrong time, but I did actually once connect just as the sun was rising. Quite awesome to see the chickens gradually moving around in the gloom and becoming clearer as dawn appears. There’s also a GoatCam in the goat’s barn and ChickCam where newly-hatched chickens are kept.

She’s a mine of information about chickens. I liked this post about how the colour is applied to an egg as it moves down the reproductive tract.

If anyone knows of any other blogs devoted entirely to chickens, please share. They’re as rare as hen’s teeth (sorry).

One Response to “Chicken blogs”

  1. Edwina Fulton Says:

    If you can find any blog information re Quails too, I’d love to know.


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