The Girl’s very own lawn

I wrote a little while ago about buying a bag of lawn seed and sowing a square metre or so of grass for the Girls, with wire mesh over the top so they can’t dig it up by the roots.

It’s worked well. The seed germinated beautifully in a week. I threw in some clover seed and an assortment of extra seed I had—kale, chinese cabbage, carrots and parsley. A few surprises germinated as well—pumpkins and tomatoes. They must have come from the tray of  worm castings (+ worms) that I’d given them previously.

It was looking very lush after the recent rain:

They stand looking at it longingly through the wire panel that keeps them off it. I think it might be time to remove it and see what happens.

Wow! Is this for real?:

They spent the next half-hour happily ‘mowing’ their lawn. It’s good, because now they have fresh greens, including the big tub of water covered in azolla (just to the right in the picture above), and I don’t have to bother about picking greens every day for them. And if I want to go away for a day or two, picking greens for them is one less thing I have to ask a neighbour to do.

Molly and Lady are moulting at the moment so there are no eggs. They’ve laid only 2 in the last 10 days. They’re still pooping though, and that’s the main thing. It goes into the compost tumbler with mulched-up green stuff and it’s making a nice rich topping for the wicking boxes and tubs.


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  1. Veggiegobbler Says:

    Oh they do look happy. I was feeling guilty about mine who had eaten all their grass and I just made a new run for them. It must be the week for chooks -so many blogs are about them at the moment!


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