Bulls-eye diet update

I wrote about the bullseye diet idea of Sharon Astyk’s here.

I set about drawing a bullseye but discovered I didn’t have a large enough sheet of paper for the circles I wanted to draw and only had a kid’s school compass that wasn’t big enough to draw any sort of a decent circle anyway.

So back to the drawing board.

Eventually I ended up drawing columns—a wide one for resources sourced from home and narrower ones for resources sourced elsewhere.  (I was hopeful that’d work, i.e. that I wouldn’t need larger columns for resources sourced elsewhere).

The coloumns were headed:

  • Home
  • Bioregion (50 km radius from home)
  • State (Victoria)
  • Australia
  • World

(It reminded me of when you used to write your name and address on your school books when you were little—no ‘Universe’ in this  list, though).

Here’s what it looked like as I filled things in:

I’m pleased the Home column looks so impressive! The items with asterisks beside them are things I never (well, hardly ever) buy, e.g. tomatoes, beans and asparagus. There are non-food items as well, like firewood, wood ash, compost and water (I cook with and drink tank water and wash in town water).

Some things occur both in the Home column and in another column, because even though I can grow/provide them, I also do buy them, e.g. eggs, which I’m buying at the moment, because the Girls are moulting and aren’t laying (are you listening, Girls; get on with it!).

It’s a work in progress; I’m still adding new things as I think of them, but at least it’s given me some idea of how I’m going self-sufficiency-wise.

3 Responses to “Bulls-eye diet update”

  1. narf77 Says:

    What a fantastic idea! There is nothing like writing down something to make you really think about it and I think we should all do what you are doing and see just how much of our own resources we are actually using (and if, indeed, we are using what we have available to us to the max) as well as being aware of just how much we rely on external forces to feed, cloth and shelter us. A very interesting and revealing exercise no doubt. Cheers for the idea (although I am a bit scared to do my own…)


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