Last week, the persimmon looked like this:

I thought it would be a while before the fruits ripened fully and was ignoring them, plus it’s hard to see the colour changes when they’re shrouded in their protective socks.

But today I gave a couple a gentle squeeze. Wow! One was so soft my thumb almost went through it. Look at that colour:

I took it inside and cut it in two….:

…..then scooped out the delicious pulp with a spoon:

And there are 12 more to go!

5 Responses to “Ooooaaah…..bliss!”

  1. narf7 Says:

    You lucky lucky girl! What a wonderful way to make someone else in Tasmania drool at your hedonistic ability to pick and eat with ease. That persimmon looks perfectly ripe and would have tasted like honey. Thank you for sharing this private moment with us… we are suitably impressed 🙂


  2. pruefreefood Says:

    That looks nice I’m thinking I may be able to grow a coupler these out where I live in the Upper Derwent Valley brrrrr, I actually like the fuji variety the best the nice crisp ones.


    • foodnstuff Says:

      Hi pff, I’ve never had the crisp ones. When you let them ripen till the centre almost drips out, that’s when I love them!


      • pruefreefood Says:

        Oh I used to buy big bags full from a market I used to live next to in Perth WA they are really crunchy like a crisp apple but denser. I don’t actually like the soft ones but maybe I need to try them again as my tastes have changed as I have gotten older and it has been many years since I even tried one. Cheers.


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