Patterns in nature

Here’s an interesting post from the Permaculture Research Institute about recognising plant families as patterns in nature.

I’ve been an amateur botanist for a good many years now and this sort of thing resonates with me. I love investigating new plants and seeing if I can pick the family from the plant’s characteristics. I use the concept when planting; I can never remember what to follow with what in recommended crop rotations. Far easier to recognise plant families and to not plant members of the same botanical family in succession.

Probably this could be used as a good example of Permaculture Principle #1 in practice—observe and interact.


2 Responses to “Patterns in nature”

  1. narf7 Says:

    Go check out fibonacci numbers and nature for a true mind blowing experience. Even if you are mathematically broken (like me) it will truly make you appreciate how maths and nature are interlinked in a most amazing way.


    • foodnstuff Says:

      I’ve heard of fibonacci numbers, I’ll check it out. I was mathematically inept at school, but I’m a bit better now (you always get better educated when you leave the education system).


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