Bedside reading

I try very hard to keep my bedside table tidy, but reading matter just seems to grow like some out-of-control fungus.

One day the whole lot is going to come crashing down in the middle of the night and frighten the life out of me:

You can’t see the two on the very bottom:

  • Into the Cool: energy flow, thermodynamics and life  by Eric Schneider & Dorian Sagan.
  • The Moral Landscape: how science can determine human values  by Sam Harris.

I’m having trouble getting into these, that’s probably why they’re at the bottom.

  • The Organic Gardener Essential Guide   OG magazine puts out one of these every so often. They’re a compilation of articles from the magzine with some new ones thrown in for good measure. Good value for $9.95.
  • Organic Fruit Growing  by Annette McFarlane.  I have her companion volume, Organic Vegetable Gardening. Both cover a lot of ground (excuse the pun).
  • The Greatest Show on Earth: the evidence for evolution  by Richard Dawkins (the Greatest Evolutionary Biologist on Earth, IMHO).
  • Tips from your Nana  by Robyn Paterson.  Given to me by a friend. Lots of useful household tips on just about everything you can think of. How Grandma used to live, in other words.
  • Organic Gardener magazine.  The latest edition. Comes out every two months. I wouldn’t miss it!
  • The Blank Slate  by Steven Pinker.  If I was sent to the Siberian salt mines and only allowed to take one book with me, this would be it (although I’d probably try to smuggle in the Dawkins as well. Oh no, on second thoughts, I’d take the Dawkins and smuggle in the Pinker. The Dawkins is too big to fit down my knickers).
  • The Truth About Vaccines  by Dr Richard Halvorsen. Just loaned to me again by a neighbour. I read it some time ago and wanted to revise some of the facts.

Retiring to bed early, with a good book, on a gently simmering electric blanket, is my favourite way to put in a winter’s evening.

3 Responses to “Bedside reading”

  1. Frogdancer Says:

    I’ve got the Organic Fruit book! Funny how the familiar leaps out at you. Is the veggie one any good?


  2. narf77 Says:

    There’s something incredibly satisfying looking at other peoples reading piles…it says a whole lot more about you than a picture. I had a manic moment at the library the other day and took out 12 library books because I couldn’t choose between them. If I adore a book and am tempted to pretend the dog ate it to keep it, THAT’S when I know I am going to have to buy it ;). Cheers for sharing your reading matter…


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