A pumpkin called Barbara

I don’t buy fruit and veggies in the supermarket. I grow as much of my own as I can, of course, but I don’t want to support the Coles/Woolies duopoly any more than I have to.

What I need to buy, I get at a Sunday Market I visit regularly, or at a roadside shop which also happens to be on the way to the market. There’s a lot of locally grown stuff available, which is an added asset.

Last week, at the roadside shop, they had a box of pumpkins labelled ‘Barbara’. They were locally grown and I bought one. The lass on the checkout said she’d had some through the week and it was nice and sweet:

Not having heard of this variety, I Googled (as you do). I’ve found only one reference so far, at this blog (another interesting food blog to add to the feed reader. She’s a nutritionist, based in Sydney). She got hers in a veggie box scheme. I’m still looking and will go through the lists of the various seed suppliers. Not to worry, though, I’ve taken out the seeds from mine and will sow them in spring.

I cut Barbara in two and she is the deepest orange you could imagine. I’m looking forward to sampling her and will definitely buy more Barbaras if they’re still around when I go to the shop next time:

7 Responses to “A pumpkin called Barbara”

  1. narf77 Says:

    I wish I could try that pumpkin…I ADORE pumpkin and that looks like pure rockmelon heaven doesn’t it!? I bet it was sweet…please let us know as I am going to hunt for that kind of seed as soon as I can if I am right, and that is the best butternut style pumpkin that you have eaten!


    • foodnstuff Says:

      Will be cooking Barbara this week, so will let you know how she tasted. Would be happy to send you some seeds. I bought 3 more yesterday…kept 2 and gave one to a friend…she will save the seeds for me too.


      • narf77 Says:

        That would be fantastic as then we could see if they grow down here. Let me know if you would like anything “weird” from Tasmania (lol…I could send you your very own “Tasmanian”! I am sure that our local government would be happy of one less mouth to feed ;)).


  2. maidenfarmer Says:

    Wow I would be keen to try some Barbara seeds too please . I have a large seed bank and an happy to swap for any you could spare . I have lots of pumpkin varieties and any heritage veggies you might be looking for. Diversity and geography – the saviours of all good veg!!


  3. R. Simpson Says:

    Have just picked 4 big Barbara pumpkins which grew out of our compost bin, never seen or heard of them until now.
    Will keep some seeds for next Summer.

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