Rainy Wednesday

I know God hates me because I’m an atheist and when he sees me out in the garden, he sends it down.

He must have been otherwise occupied this morning because I actually got a lot of weeding done before he woke up that I was out there.

I had a coffee while I caught up on other blogs and (for me) had a stunning idea.

I’ll go shopping.

Wait a minute! I hate shopping! And I hate to drive in the rain (to be fair to God, though, it wasn’t heavy).

Friday is my usual food shopping day. I go to a small local centre where there’s a supermarket, PO, newsagent, bank, hot bread shop, butcher and a chemist. It’s about a 12 km return trip. My record for getting there, getting the groceries and getting home is 40 minutes. Not bad for an anti-shopper (and without speeding).

There’s a bigger shopping centre about twice that distance away, where I only go when I want something they have that the small centre doesn’t.

I’d almost run out of chicken stock and there’s a chicken place there that sells 3 chicken carcases for a dollar. Can’t get better value than that.

There’s also an el cheapo bookshop where everything’s $5 and an el cheapo greengrocer (although I prefer to shop for fruit & veggies at a Sunday market where the stuff is local).

So, later…..

Three chicken carcases in the stockpot (note: rainwater only, don’t want toxic fluoride in my system):

Two books, one on beekeeping (I will, one day) and a risotto recipe book. Since I made the mushroom risotto so easily in the Thermomix, I’m sold on risottos:

A couple of leeks, a dollar each (better than I can get at the Sunday Market):

They were destined for the dehydrator:

Five litres of delicious chicken stock. I can’t understand why anyone would want to buy the dishwatery stuff in a carton:

So not a bad outcome, eh God? Can’t keep a good atheist down, even on a rainy day!


6 Responses to “Rainy Wednesday”

  1. notsomethingelse Says:

    Oh dear, foodnstuff, an atheist referring to god with a capital ‘G’ and especially a female atheist referring to god as a ‘he’. Being a ‘he’ who also does not subscribe to the common notion of a supreme being, I find that quite amusing. It shows that while we no longer have valid reasons for doing so, the concept (at least for older generation people) is so ingrained in our psyche that it is difficult to think around it, even for those who have made that leap.

    That aside, I wanted to say a big thank you for your very interesting and informative blog site. Yes, I was vaguely aware that it was raining also up here in the North Central Victorian mountains this morning but as a result of reading about your success with food drying, I was quite engrossed in searching for a dehydrator for myself. I settled on a Sedona from RAW-Pleasure.com.au. Quite a lot of money but what tipped the scales in its favour was a 10% discount which actually finished yesterday but which I appear to have been allowed to claim. Can’t wait to see how it goes. I hope to cut down on some of the wasted produce, especially tomatoes, that I had last year.


    • foodnstuff Says:


      I did think of a lower case ‘g’, but left it as ‘G’ and the sex as male, because that’s how our culture identifies with its favourite fantasy creation story. We know different šŸ™‚

      Hope you are happy with your dehydrator. Tomatoes can be frozen, too, just as they are. They end up as hard as cricket balls. I dry cherry tomatoes though, they are so useful, even just as nibbles.


  2. narf77 Says:

    Love the chicken stock…not quite up to my quadruple reduction where we had so many nocturnal killings on Serendipity Farm that we filled up the freezer with stock and I had to remove it all and boil it down to a manageable amount. The result was dark, thick, syrupy and apparently heavenly as Steve used it to make soup that he still raves about today. I have 2 more roosters that are starting to make their presence known (when will they learn?) and that are desitined for stockpots and lasagna’s future. My dehydrator seems to be unused more and more these days as I use Brunhilda to slowly dehydrate whatever needs drying out. I dare say in summer that it will reappear and regain its rightful place on Serendipity Farm but for now it is “lost” somewhere waiting for me to hunt for it when it gets warmer.

    The good thing about freezing whole tomatoes is that when the zombie appocolypse comes (and my children assure me it will…) you can use your stored food to save your life! Sustainable living always hands you an answer when you least expect it. I hate shopping to. I could care less about clothes shopping and get more out of a trip to the local thrift shop and a well placed bargain than I do avoiding crash collisions in the supermarket aisles. I think I must be invisible as you wouldn’t believe how many nana’s run into me in the shops!

    It’s raining here on Serendipity Farm also and the dogs are sulking BIGTIME. They didn’t get a walk till this afternoon and we won’t talk about the chickens aside from their afternoon scare when a wedgetailed eagle decided to see if there were any slow cluckers around and remove them from the gene pool here. He got broadsided by the resident crows and kookaburras so he moved on post haste much to the chooks relief! I hope your stock makes a nice comforting pot of deliciousness and gives you a sense of satisfaction that far outweighs the effort. Isn’t living sustainably wonderful? šŸ˜‰


    • foodnstuff Says:

      Your syrupy stock sounds wonderful! I still have plenty of room in the freezer, but will give reducing the stock right down a go if ever I need to.


  3. Frogdancer Says:

    After reading all of these comments above, I forgot what I was going to say…


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