Back to basics

That’s where they’re going in Greece as the recession hits.

It will happen here too, eventually, and those of us who are already delving into self-sufficiency will be way ahead of the herd as the reality hits.

I know plenty of people who haven’t got a clue how to provide food for themselves and who scoff at the idea that they should begin to prepare before the triple crises of economic recession, peak oil and climate change begin to take hold of society.

It’s going to be a steep learning curve for some and the self-sufficiency skills we’ve developed will be very much in demand.

The time might be near when I need to start thinking about putting my Permaculture Design Certificate Course to some use by teaching permaculture.

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  1. narf77 Says:

    Wish I could learn from you :). I agree…I subscribe to a blog by someone living in Greece and they are trying to look on the bright side by sharing that Greece is a great climate for growing food. So is Australia and we should all be encouraged to try growing our own (not selling off Tasmanian waters to massive great fish trawlers so some numpty makes a massive profit at the expense of the rest of Australia…sigh…)


  2. pruefreefood Says:

    Yes the whole planet is heading that way we are over populated and the whole system our society is based on is floored it is not based on the laws of the land the only true laws and nature will again find balance shortly and it isn’t going to be pretty it will be like a dog shaking off it’s fleas….. I don’t personally think that is a bad thing and sad and hard thing yes but we have dug the grave I’m afraid.

    Another old saying appropriate here is “You shall reap what you sow”….. and we will.

    But it isn’t all doom and gloom maybe this IS our real evolution those that survive the coming culling that is inevitable go back to ancient way of living in harmony with nature/land and each other, not battling to control and dominate and as a consequence rape, deplete, pollute, over populate and destroy all other living beings…….

    We are such a minute part of the whole system of life yet we have done the most damage but this to will pass in a blink of the planet geological eye and I’m sorry but for me the sooner the better so the planet can get on with it’s healing and all other life can just get on with life………

    Don’t get me wrong I think permaculture is fantastic and if you want to teach it then you should anything to do with living more closely to nature is great but I don’t think it is going to get us out of this mess.

    And the whole super trawler thing is just another reflection of how far we have fallen a reflection of how truly sick we have become because for me it is a given that as the land/seas get sicker so do we it is like the snake bitting its own tail story….

    Sorry for rattling on I was going to do a whole blog on this shortly and it was in my head when I read your blog so it come out, when it got to come out it just do, now I can just cut n paste this hehehe 🙂


    • foodnstuff Says:

      I’ve read your latest blogpost and have left a comment there, but will copy/paste it here for those that won’t see it there:

      “I agree with everything you say (and then some!). I’ve had the anger and agression bit too, from people who don’t want to listen, because what people like you and I are saying doesn’t appeal to their view of the world and humans as the dominant species (the world belongs to Man and Man’s job is to dominate and rule…it’s the teaching of most religions after all).
      Culture is the problem (have you read any of Derrick Jensen’s work?). It should be mandatory reading in schools, but of course, the job of schools is to produce more people who think the way our culture does.
      We are members of the most destructive culture ever to exist.
      If we survive ecological collapse, it will be because we stopped listening to Mother Culture and started (or returned to) listening to the land.
      Yes, I too, think permaculture won’t necessarily save us unless we change the way we think and see the world and our place in it, but it at least it is working towards that ideal, in that it is based on ecological thinking.”


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