Feeling seedy

I used to be a very organised person, but somehow it’s all gone awry. It’s seed planting time and my seed collection has become one big mess.

Here’s what it looks like.

Big tray with (home made) seed packets of local native seed collected from the bush and vegetable seed collected from the garden:

Plastic box of purchased vegetable seed packets:

Bottles of home-collected vegetable seed (because there’s too much to fit in a paper envelope:

Coffee tin full of Purple King climbing beans and other beans in plastic bags:

All this is was recorded on a computer database, but it’s become so far out of date that I might as well delete the file and be done with it.

I want to do away with the database and record it all in a book, so I have easy access for updating and don’t have to turn the computer on every time I want to make a change or see what seed I’m missing and need to collect or buy.

Rainy Saturday afternoon. Light the fire, get it all out on the kitchen table and FIX IT UP ONCE AND FOR ALL.

The big box first. There are 2 sections—one for native seed and one for veggie seed. Envelopes are organised first into year of collection and then into alphabetical order. I decided to throw out everything that was over 5 years old. The native seed will get tossed into the bush and the veggie seed into the food forest. Something might still germinate. When I select seed to sow, I’ll use the oldest first (I always do that anyway).

The bottles will be left as is, in alphabetical order. Again, anything old goes out the door. If what’s left in a bottle will now fit in a paper envelope, I’ll change it. I want to do away with the bottles eventually.

The bought seed has, up till now, been sorted in alphabetical order, but every supplier has different-sized envelopes and the little ones get hidden, lost and forgotten amongst the big ones (how did I manage to buy all that radish seed?).

So I’ve re-sorted those and put seed from each supplier together and then in alphabetical order. Sometimes it’s easier to remember what seed came from which supplier, e.g. especially Phoenix Seeds, because it’s always unusual stuff that no-one else has.

So…a couple of hours later and my brain is becoming so fuddled, I’m having trouble remembering which letter comes where in the alphabet!

Everything’s sorted but nothing is recorded and it’s time to get the dinner. The kitchen table still looks like this…

…so dinner looks like being eaten at my computer desk.

Whose stupid idea was this anyway?


5 Responses to “Feeling seedy”

  1. maidenfarmer Says:

    Looks just exactly what my kitchen table looked like too a few weekends ago. Every time I started to get into the rhythm of it something interrupted-calving cow, plaintive grandchild, mealtime – something. And finally half done filing in one shoebox and all the rest swept into another in a worse mess than they started!!
    I too looked at my collection and wondered how I had managed to buy so much seed. If I plant and grow half of what I have gathered in my half dozen shoe boxes we will eat like kings!
    I did try and file by month of planting- but that gets too wild with plants that have a range of seasons like lettuces or beets and it all got pretty silly.
    It cheers me up to know I’m not the only one juggling packets and planning the season ahead. I have decided to just get on with it and get a few punnets organised or I will miss out!


    • foodnstuff Says:

      Oh dear, I don’t have the excuse of plaintive grandchildren or calving cows(!), so I feel even worse that I let things get so behind. How does just plain lazy sound as an excuse?


  2. Frogdancer Says:

    That’s a job for the school holidays!


    • foodnstuff Says:

      My life is one big school holiday, so you think I’d manage to get plenty of things done, whereas you Froggie, as a busy teacher, not to mention Thermomix demonstrator, get so much done, that I’m red-faced with shame and embarassment.


  3. narf77 Says:

    What a seed haul! I have seed envy 😉


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