More bedside reading

Just picked this up from the post office (we don’t get parcels delivered here):

Looks very comprehensive. There are 13 references under ‘shell’…bloody; chalky; double; misshapen; missing; pale; soft; thin; wrinkled; colour; gland; quality; strength. Bet you thought an eggshell was an eggshell.

Questions from the back cover:

What’s the difference between outer thick and inner thin egg white?

Why do chicken legs have dark meat while breasts have light meat?

Which breeds lay blue-green eggs?

Whats the difference between brooding and incubating?

What are the best ways to catch a chicken?

Why do chickens molt?

How do you hypnotize a chicken?  (now that one should be very interesting!)

I can’t wait to get into this!

Oh, forgot to say. I bought it from the Good Life Book Club.


5 Responses to “More bedside reading”

  1. maidenfarmer Says:

    Oh My Goodness. that looks just awesome……


  2. Jason Dingley Says:

    It does sound very comprehensive. Don’t know if I could read it cover to cover though. Probably a great reference book. Do blog about hypnotizing chickens once you learn how.


  3. narf77 Says:

    I am in the process of rehouseing our girls (and Big Yin) into a gravity fed chook run like Milkwood farm employs so that we can actually mulch our poor garden and have it survive the coming summer. I love free ranging chooks BUT they are terrorists in the garden and have just managed to kill a tree in their favourite dust bathing area by scratching its surface roots to death. I might get some chook tractors going around the garden as well…so many chooks…so little time!


  4. Female Relic Says:

    I’d like to know about the wrinkly eggs please Mrs Soon-to-be-Eggspert! I got one REALLY WRINKLY EGG in my free-range dozen that I buy each week – I was the only one here game to eat it!! It was fine by look…and by taste!
    I must live with a bunch of wooses – they won’t even try the duck eggs I buy, but don’t tell them they’ve already eaten them in their fried rice or other beaten egg-type dishes! 🙂


    • foodnstuff Says:

      Eggspert! Hmmn. Don’t know about that. But here’s what the Chicken Encyclopedia says about wrinkled eggs:

      “A hen may lay a wrinkled egg if she has been handled roughly or if for some reason her ovary releases two yolks within a few hours of each other, causing them to move through the oviduct close together. The second egg will have a thin, wrinkled shell that’s flat towards the pointed end. If it bumps against the first egg, the shell may crack and mend back together before the egg is laid, causing a wrinkle.”

      If you get another one in your weekly egg purchase, take a photo and I’ll post it here.


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