Ultra-tiny tomato cuttings

Last year I wrote this post on how to take tomato cuttings from a mature plant.

There’s another way I’ve tried…taking cuttings from a small seedling.

I usually sow three seeds in the one pot,  just to make sure I get at least one seedling. All three germinated in this case:

I want to end up with the strongest seedling in the pot so I remove the two weaker ones. So I don’t disturb the roots of the one I’m keeping, I don’t pull the others out, just snip them off at the base.

Sometimes it hurts to waste a perfectly good seedling and since tomatoes are well-known for being able to grow new roots up the stem,  I thought I’d see if it would happen with the seedling. You can see how small the stem is, compared to a match:

I used sieved potting mix as a cutting medium and made a hole with a bamboo skewer:

The end of the stem was dipped in rooting hormone and the cutting carefully placed in the hole and watered in:

I put the punnet inside a plastic container with a lid on, to keep the cutting in a humid atmosphere. A couple of weeks later and roots are appearing from the hole at the bottom:

I’ll move the seedling outside and let it grow on until it can be pulled gently out of the cell and I’ll either pot it into a larger pot or plant it out.

One Response to “Ultra-tiny tomato cuttings”

  1. narf77 Says:

    An awesome way to ensure that you don’t wast perfectly happy little tomato seedlings…no waste and no guilt! I love it! Cheers for another wonderful post Bev 🙂


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