More mini cuttings

Remember those ultra-tiny tomato cuttings I did a while ago?

Well, I’ve been trying other species.

It works for lettuces…..and capsicums:

Look at the roots on that tiny capsicum cutting:

I’m really pleased about the capsicums. I find it so hard to germinate capsicum seed; it seems to need a lot of heat.  I’m glad to be able to utilise every seedling that came up by turning it into a mini cutting. Of course if I’d just sown the seed into a tray, I would have been able to pot up every seedling in the normal way, but this year I sowed 3 seeds to a number of small pots and it looks like I’ll still be able to rescue every one.

3 Responses to “More mini cuttings”

  1. narf77 Says:

    What an amazing technique Bev! We were so late building our veggie gardens this year that we had to go with buying heritage seedlings but next year…it’s seeds all round for us and this amazing technique is going to be on the cards as well. Cheers for sharing this interesting and frugal tip with us 🙂


    • foodnstuff Says:

      I’m also trying basil. Will report on how it goes.


      • narf77 Says:

        Yes Please Bev! Steve was most interested when I showed him your article. He doesn’t pay much attention to my blogging activities but he made sure that I saved your article for his own future reference. I am also going to share it with our Diploma lecturer… a garden designer but not a great plants man. He will love the thrift as the old relocated hippy that he is :). I can’t wait to mess about and grow more plants for less! It makes my frugal bone tingle 🙂


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