Still more mini cuttings

First there was tomato:

Then capsicum and lettuce:

And now  basil:

I’m wondering what to try next.

Other stuff….

Sometimes it’s good to be a carrot…..

…..and sometimes not.

Kitchen window view:

One Response to “Still more mini cuttings”

  1. narf77 Says:

    I never leave a blog post uninspired Bev :). I noticed little lateral shoots on our little tomatoes in our first veg garden (that we are SO proud of 🙂 ) on Serendipity Farm and am going to attempt to take mini cuttings and see if we can’t increase our harvest and season. I am going to put the cuttings into large pots (when/if they strike) so that they can be moved into the glasshouse if we end up getting a slow season or early cold season (don’t say that THIS little black duck doesn’t learn her climactic lessons! 😉 ). I wonder if you realise just how much information from this blog that I share with my friends! I just suggested to another blogger who is having major trouble with her garden beds that she might like to try water wicking them…thanks to both you and Milkwood I now know quite a bit about water wicked garden beds AND I have included them in my Landscape Design gardens for my assessments with my old hippy lecturers complete approval and admiration and its all thanks to you :). I have also managed to implement hugelkulture ideas and have learned heaps about both hugelkulture and Biochar and this has taken me sideways all over the place…again…all thanks to this wonderful blog. You are a true inspiration to me Bev and I am SO thankful that I stumbled on your blog when I was on the hunt for inspirational ways to garden in our harsh Aussie conditions. 🙂


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