Memo to Wordpress

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!!!

So how come you’ve changed the way media is uploaded (as in images in blogposts)??

Haven’t you got anything better to do than tamper with the system? It was working OK before.

Now I find that instead of being able to select from my files which image I upload, you’re showing me every darn image I have in my system, whether I want to see it or not. And sometimes it’s not even the right way up!! And I can’t rotate it like I did before. Stoopid!!! How much memory is that taking out of my poor struggling Firefox!!

Maybe it’s time to move over to Blogger.


4 Responses to “Memo to Wordpress”

  1. Frogdancer Says:

    I get my photos from Flikr and just copy and paste the html stuff. Works fine on my WordPress blog.
    Don’t make any rash moves… you know how annoying Blogger blogs are to comment on with their stupid word verification.


  2. narf77 Says:

    I agree with frogdancer…we started a new blog with blogger and ended up dumping it and going back to WordPress…better the devil you know and despite its stupid new image system (I was yelling at the screen the other day and ended up with both the dogs staring at me like I was mad 😉 ) you will get used to it :). I guess that we get what we pay for and as most blogging platforms are now after maximum profit we free bloggers are finding it harder and harder to work within the parameters of their rationalisations…


  3. Chris Says:

    Either company will give you grief when they change things around, lol, but I personally prefer blogger. You can switch the word verification off in your settings.

    Like Frogdancer, I upload pics to my Photobucket account and cut and paste the direct link over to Blogger, when it asks how I want to insert a photo.

    On one hand you have to get used to the new WP photo arrangment, or on the other hand, get used to an entirely new way to blog on Blogger. Either way is going to be a bit of a nuisance until you are familiar with it. 😉


  4. foodnstuff Says:

    You’re all probably right…..Bah!!!


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