It must be Christmas

I rescued a Christmas Beetle from a bucket of water today.

He didn’t want to stick around to have his photo taken.

He looked like this:


*Merry Christmas everyone*

2 Responses to “It must be Christmas”

  1. MaidenFarmer Says:

    I love Christmas beetles- there were so many of them every summer when we were kids but now…… Sadly so few
    Even in the country


  2. narf77 Says:

    We have seen SO MANY Christmas beetles this year…I guess they are all Christmassing in Tasmania ;). Earl and I went for a walk after our Christmas lunch down to the jetty and as Earl was having a bit of a splash off the boat launch I found a Christmas beetle wallowing in the water. I picked him up and let him loose on a friends garden just opposite the boat launch…hey…they were away…what do they care if he eats a bit of their garden eh? 😉 See you soon 🙂


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