The pumpkin frog

I took my paintbrush down to the pumpkin patch this morning  to do a spot of pollination.

This tiny frog was sitting in the female flower:

friday 001

I reckon his head would have been smaller than my little fingernail. I did my best not to dab pollen on it. He wasn’t fazed by the process.

How does anything so small survive?

6 Responses to “The pumpkin frog”

  1. argylesock Says:

    Probably by jumping away from danger, I think. Also by laying plenty of spawn to keep the bloodline going.

    Do you know what species this frog is? Perhaps it’s a pollinator for cucurbits.

    Anyway it’s adorable 🙂


    • foodnstuff Says:

      It would have been the Common Froglet which I knew as Ranidella signifera, but which I now see has had a name change and is Crinia signifera.

      It was obviously a baby; they do grow bigger than that (but not much) and they are very common here.

      I don’t think frogs are noted as pollinators, but you never know. It would have had to visited a male flower and been covered with pollen and then a female flower (where it was) to transfer the pollen.

      I can’t see an ecological reason for a frog to visit a flower, whereas insects do it because they want the flower’s nectar and its pollen. That relationship (insects/flowers) has evolved over time to be what we see today.

      Evolution is a wonderful process. So much better than the silly idea of a god! It amazes me that so many people still stick to it.


  2. narf77 Says:

    (very quietly 😉 )… What a magnificent photo Bev! We have small frogs called banjo frogs here that make ENORMOUS twanging banjo sounds but nothing as small as that tiny little frog. Thank you for making my day :). I just pinched your photo and am using it as a desktop wallpaper. I promise not to do anything else with it apart from warm my heart on this raining Saturday in Sidmouth 🙂


    • foodnstuff Says:

      Hi Fran, we have Banjo Frogs here too (also called Pobblebonks).

      No problems about using the photo.

      Raining in Sidmouth? Rain? What is rain?


      • narf77 Says:

        Lol…more like spit Bev ;). It’s buggered off to far horizons (say Mt. Barrow). Steve has made a spoon that he thinks your friend might like. He made it out of celery top pine and it is gorgeous (and I want it! 😉 ). I will send you a photo in an email so you can let me know if you like it. If you would like something different let me know. He doesn’t want payment yet. That’s for after he gets his website up and going later in the year and asked if he could please swap for a couple of packets of interesting veggie seeds :). So long as they aren’t solanaceae or in the pepper family (or ginger… the Tasmanian ginger industry must be really upset about us growing ginger! (in our glasshouses where it croaks over winter 😉 ) ). Let us know if the spoon is what you are after 🙂


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