Rainy Melbourne day

Went to bed to the sound of gentle rain. Water dripping into the (half-full) tank. Nice sound.

Woke to the sound of more gentle rain. Went out and emptied the gauge. 12 mm. Not bad. Tank now three-quarters full.

Started breakfast. Rain got heavier. Much heavier. Yikes! Water starting to flow along the gravel paths. Gravel going with it.

Turned on the computer. Weather Bureau’s Melbourne radar site.

OMG!! Huge green & blue blobs all over Melbourne (dunno where the underlying map went, but you get the idea):

Put on raincoat and checked tank level. Overflowing!! Stuck overflow pipe into end of pipe that takes water to the pools (it’s too complicated to explain the system—just be satisfied that I did it).

Squelched down the back to see if new swale was filling. Yay! Full of water! (No photo. Wet cameras don’t work too well).

Water running out of pipe down inlet slope into empty first pool (remember, I’d just cleared out all the water plants):

friday 004
Came inside and changed out of wet track pants.

Had breakfast. Periodically opened the back door and yelled (through the curtain of water), “you OK, Girls?”

Chorus of indignant cackles from chook run. “Of course we’re not bloody OK. All our holes are full of water.”

Finished breakfast. Went down the back to check state of first pool.


tuesday 004

Emptied gauge for the second time. 22 mm. Makes 34 mm in all. Nice!

Came inside and changed out of wet track pants (second pair).

Made large mug of hot coffee.

Not a bad morning’s work, really.


5 Responses to “Rainy Melbourne day”

  1. Veggiegobbler Says:

    Ha ha! Do your chooks really talk back to you? The rain today was great- it’s been such a long time coming. Our tank was empty so I wonder how full it is now?


    • foodnstuff Says:

      Well, they were certainly whingeing loudly about not being able to get out into their playground to dig holes. I figure chooks don’t have long-term memories and they’d forgotten what rain actually is. Almost had forgotten myself! It was nice to see it though. Hope you got plenty out where you are.


  2. Liz Says:

    YAY! Wasn’t it great. I think you could put people into two camps today – those who garden and those who don’t – the gardeners all had smiles on their faces and the others were whinging about the rain.


  3. kayepea Says:

    Well lucky you, down our way in South Gippsland the rain was minimal (so far anyway) and your total is about half of what our yearly total is!! But I no complain! Glad it has filled your pools 🙂


  4. narf77 Says:

    Your happiness and contentment is echoed in our own :). We got a rainy day here in Sidmouth as well and the garden was just on the verge of giving up the ghost. We had been coddling it to keep it alive and a steady day of rain (and a promise of perhaps another one today) has given it back the impetus to keep going. I dare say we will probably have the wettest winter in years now and all of our topsoil will wash out to Bass Strait BUT at least the garden is alive! Our chooks are lucky in that they live on a slope…I am trying to use Milkwoods deep litter idea for slopes but my chooks have a different idea and seem to think that involves scratching all of the litter down to the bottom of their pen until it gets high enough for them to escape back out to the outside where life is good and milk and slugs/snails roam free (and they scratch up the garden, the mulch, the ANYTHING to their hearts content…). Their holes tend to consist of hydrophobic silt and so they should be lucky enough to not have to worry too much about today’s dust bath but come winter…and enough water, the silt will turn to deep thick mud…I don’t want to think about that! Isn’t water amazing?!!! 🙂 Now we just need to find some way to afford that large water tank!


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