Chook news

Cheeky stopped laying in the middle of December and went into moult.

Lady stopped at the beginning of January and went into her moult, looking rather bedraggled:

monday 006

Molly kept laying valiantly, producing an egg every second day until a couple of weeks ago, so I expect she’ll moult now, too.

So it’ll be back to the neighbouring free-range egg farm for a few months.

Eventually I’ll get more chooks. While three is fine for me at the moment (with a dozen eggs a week, I have enough for myself and can share with a friend), it’s obvious the Girls will get old and laying will drop off over time.

Terry Golson, at my favourite chicken blog HenCam, has two barns for her chickens. One houses the ‘old girls’, those that have all but stopped laying and are just kept till they’re ready to go to that Great Chookyard in the Sky and the other houses the younger, still actively laying hens.

That’s what I’ll do. I’ll build another yard and coop for the ‘new girls’. I won’t risk mixing them, because my three would probably not exactly welcome any others (they’d either freak out or attack) and in any case the present yard and coop isn’t big enough for more than three.

Barring accidents or sickness, I expect my Girls to lay for another 3-4 years yet, so there’s plenty of time for leisurely work on the new set-up.

3 Responses to “Chook news”

  1. narf77 Says:

    We keep a rooster (Big Yin) and have a selection of chooks in all stages at any given time. When we get too many I give some away. We are just starting to get a few eggs again after going from boom to doom in a matter of months. We went from 12 dozen eggs in the fridge to almost having to buy some! Lucky I am vegan and Steve doesn’t eat many eggs ;). The girls are starting to rally again and after they decided that sitting on nests being clucky had knobs on in our heat (tin roof happiness 😉 ) they are starting to settle down to learning to live inside an enclosed space and we are getting the odd egg. Just enough for us at the moment but if/when they do start laying again we won’t be complaining! ;). A good idea about another coop. We just let our girls live out their lives here. We were sold an ancient chook (call it “they saw us coming”) last year who must have been the grandmother of some of the other chooks we bought. She never laid an egg and passed away late last year but she helped mother her daughter/grand-daughters (who has since passed also) babies and spent her days enjoying dustbaths and Nana Doocark is buried under our Mulberry tree right next to the chook enclosure :).


  2. Liz Says:

    We have three chicks (5 weeks old) and I’m glad to know you get about a dozen eggs a week as that should suit our needs very nicely. Interesting idea about 2 pens.


    • foodnstuff Says:

      You’ll probably get more than that if you have Isa Browns. My Barnevelders only seem to lay every second day.


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