Autumn jobs

While it’s not autumn yet (my seasons follow the solstices and equinoxes), it’s time for some particular jobs.

Taking out tomatoes

They’ve all pretty much had it and I’m beginning to think I’ll go bonkers if I see another tomato! I picked almost 30 kilos in all. There are whole tomatoes in the freezer. There are tomatoes in the fridge, in pasta sauce, green tomato pickle and tomato relish. There are tomatoes (cherry types) out on the deck in the sun, drying. I’m all tomato-ed out. These are my dried tomatoes. Last year I managed to fill both jars. Not as many this year:

sunday 006

After taking out the plants, each wicking box gets a top-up with chook poo compost and mulch:

sunday 007

Wicking tubs likewise:

sunday 008

Planting new seedlings

New seedlings are ready to go in. These are broccoli and kale:

tuesday 001

And in a wicking tub, more kale and senposai, a green I haven’t grown before:

tuesday 002

Collecting seed

Tomato seed pulp fermenting:

sunday 005

Dill seed, bean pods and a head of lettuce seed:

sunday 003

Drying herbs for winter teas

This is Lemon Verbena. It makes a lovely morning cuppa. Since it dies back over winter, I need enough dried to get me through to spring:

sunday 002


Well, the Girls do that, not me. Cheeky and Lady had an early moult and have finished re-feathering, but not re-laying. Molly decided to be late for some reason (so like a woman, some would say), but she’s well into it now. Her bald spots fascinate the others who can’t resist pecking at them (especially her bare bum…yuk!), but she’s quick to retaliate with a clout around their ears:

sunday 009

Planting garlic, potato onions and shallots

This is one of the major autumn jobs, but I don’t do it till the equinox, on the 21st. I’m hoping this oppressive heat will be over by then. 10 days in a row above 30 C is just too much!

3 Responses to “Autumn jobs”

  1. narf77 Says:

    Are you sure we aren’t living next door to each other? Your chooks are moulting, mine to…yours aren’t laying eggs, neither are mine, you have had more hot weather than you can poke a stick at and so have we…I think that Tasmania may have rejoined victoria in solidarity if not physical stature! I still have tomatoes to pick along with capsicums, chillis and lots of eggplants but we started after you guys so I guess this Indian Summer is doing something positive for us after all…I just wish we would get some rain soon…


  2. christiok Says:

    I’m planting the same crops here in the Almost-Spring USA…specifically the west coast, Seattle area. I love this literal snapshot of the season’s jobs. Hope you get cooler days and rain soon. 🙂


  3. Liz Says:

    I’m missing the heat already…sigh….20 tomorrow seems a little on the cool side….30kg is great going from your tomatoes.


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