Happiness is a bag of cow poo

Absolute bliss is four bags of cow poo!

My late husband’s daughter and her husband run beef cattle in South Gippsland. They don’t come up to Melbourne very much, but when they do come, they bear wonderful gifts:

monday 001

I unpacked one of the bags this morning. Huge, dried, dinner plate-sized cow pats:

monday 002

I’ll put them in one of the compost bins and let the rain soften them till I can make them more friable. Already, grass seedlings are coming up in them, so I’ll keep turning it all over letting the seedlings die in the sun until it’s safe to use.

10 Responses to “Happiness is a bag of cow poo”

  1. veggiegobbler Says:

    Well I can’t believe I’m saying this but… I am jealous of your poo bags. I so need some poo for my patch.


  2. Chris Says:

    It’s good to have family connections to the good stuff! We are fortunate to live in a horse area, so there’s always someone with a big pile of bagged poo, outside their front gate. One place sells it for $1.50 and another for $2. We buy from whoever has their’s out when we need it.

    I think it’s pretty wonderful that people go to the effort of recycling the poo. As a gardener who cannot afford to keep large livestock for their poo, I’m glad others provide that service for us!

    You’re even more fortunate however to have family with access to a ready supply of manure. 🙂


  3. narf77 Says:

    YUM! (is that weird?! 😉 )…Steve and I walk past paddocks every day on our walks with the dogs where cows have decorated the grass (the brown flat deflated dead grass I should add!) and I envy that farmer! I wonder if he would allow us to collect the pats? I, too envy you your newfound stash 🙂 You have rain? Now I REALLY envy you!


    • foodnstuff Says:

      Er…well…I meant…WHEN it rains!


      • narf77 Says:

        When and “if” in our case! They are promising us 100% chance of rain tomorrow but the skies certainly don’t reflect that promise…I think I am going to have to start planting cactii out as an edible forest soon 😉


  4. Liz Says:

    Last time I went to Mum and Dad’s I finally remembered to go out into the paddock and bag up some sheep poo. Great stuff.


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