The chicks arrived!

Oh, not my chicks, unfortunately.  I’m referring to Terry Golson’s chicks. Terry blogs at HenCam and it’s one of my favourite chook blogs.

Not only is Terry a mine of information about all things chicken, but she has webcams in each of her animal enclosures (as well as chickens, there are two goats) and you can watch the antics of all of them during the US daylight hours.

Terry ordered a couple of dozen newly-laid chicks a few weeks ago and they were due to arrive Monday, US time, but they turned up on Sunday. I checked out my feed reader at 7 am this morning and saw that they had arrived. Terry had everything ready for them and there is now a ChickCam in their enclosure. I watched as 26 tiny (two days old, would you believe!) fluffy balls tottered around, partaking of chick crumbles and sips of water:


As you can see by the time at the bottom of the screen shot, it was evening when I captured it, but as I anticipated, Terry is keeping the light on all night for warmth. I’m looking forward to watching them as they grow into full-blown chooks. Go take a look and if you collect chook blogs, be sure to bookmark Terry’s blog.

Postscript: The chicks arrived on Sunday, US time. Not only was it Sunday but it was Easter Sunday. Obviously the US Postal Service believes in that word ‘service’. Was Australia Post working on Easter Sunday (or any Sunday for that matter)? Not them. They were probably standing around a barby in someone’s backyard quaffing beer! Which is probably why posting chicks in the US is a regular accepted thing, but not in good ol’ Oz.

One Response to “The chicks arrived!”

  1. narf77 Says:

    Too True Bev! Our good old Aussie postal service has got to be union rules by the amount of holidays that they observe 😉


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