Autumn photos

‘Twas a chilly autumn morning and the camera and I went for a walk.

This is wormwood planted outside the chook run. I love the silvery, ferny foliage. Such a contrast to the usual greens. I have more plants in other parts of the garden. When I prune them back I put it through the mulcher and spread it in the Girl’s nestbox. It’s supposed to deter insects. It certainly has a very medicinal smell:

friday 006

A wicking box with a newly-planted pepino. Those seedlings all around it are amaranth (there’s a single bok choy there, too). Normally the amaranth self-seeds in the food forest. When it’s finished flowering (and I’ve collected as much seed as I can), I mulch it up and add it to the compost. Seedlings come up in everything that gets topped up with compost. I’ll probably pick some of these and dry them for winter use. At the moment I’m using them as a garnish on soups, in omelets and with other steamed greens:

friday 004

friday 015

I have a tub on the deck with one strawberry in it. It’s been flowering for ages and producing delicious fruit. I used to rant about those huge supermarket strawberries and say they weren’t normal and now this plant is producing fruits equally as huge. I think it likes the chook poo compost I put on it. I’ve put a wire cage around the tub. Birds don’t come onto the deck very often, but bright red treats like this will bring them from miles around:

friday 021

The bags of cow poo I was given recently have finally all made it into one of the compost bins. I’ll add worms from the worm farm and let them go through it and make it more friable:

friday 016

Now that we’ve had rain, the oca has really kicked on:

friday 018

This is mizuna. The chooks love it and there’s generally enough left for me, too. Pretty foliage:

friday 017

Broccoli and kale in a wicking box:

friday 007

More kale and senposai in a wicking tub:

friday 008

This is chicory. I grow it for greens for the Girls. I don’t eat it because I usually have plenty of other greens:

sunday 002

Not the most elegant parsnips in the world, but the best I’ve grown so far:

sunday 001

6 Responses to “Autumn photos”

  1. rabidlittlehippy Says:

    Your parsnips look pretty fantastic to me! Your wormwood too is stunning. Similar in colour to the curry bush I have. 🙂 I love all your greens too.and your strawberries certainly look like super supermarket ones but I bet they actually taste like strawberries should.


  2. Liz Says:

    I too admire your parsnips. I’m intrigued by how you use Amaranth – I grew some this year but didn’t get round to using the leaves. I enjoyed the flowers though. Judging by the above I will get more plants as it has probably self seeded everywhere.


    • foodnstuff Says:

      I just use the amaranth as a green, but not too much as it has a distinctive flavour, not unpleasant, but you wouldn’t want it to overpower other things. I only use the young leaves and because they have purple undersides, it looks nice cut into fine shreds and used to garnish soups or on the top of an omelet or in a salad (very small tip leaves can be used whole…it’s mainly for appearance and colour).

      If I dry it and crush it into flakes, I sometimes put a tablespoon in my bread mix.


  3. narf77 Says:

    Gorgeous share Bev…EVERYTHING looks amazing :).


  4. Frogdancer Says:

    Now I’m regretting my decision to let most of the winter beds enjoy a break… 😦


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