Great permaculture property for sale

As a Peak Oiler from way back, I joined the Australian PO discussion group some years ago. ROEOZ is its name (Running on Empty OZ). When I log on each day, it’s the first site I go to. There are some knowledgeable PO bods there and it sort of feels like family.

Anyway, Mike is the site admin and moderator and he’s built what looks like a wonderful permaculture property in Qld, not far from Noosa. Now he wants to sell and shift to Tassie. If you’re  interested and wouldn’t mind a shift northwards, go take a look at his blog where he describes the property. How good it would be to move into a permaculture property where all the grunt work has been done.

One Response to “Great permaculture property for sale”

  1. narf77 Says:

    Tempted to swap properties…plenty of work to do here still! 😉


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