Spring things

Seedlings coming on:

spring 001

The first asparagus harvest:

spring 003

Plum blossom:

spring 009

Apricot blossom:

spring 007

Wattle blossom:

spring 010

But no warmth.

The temperature in the kitchen when I came down for breakfast:

spring 012

And in the living room:

spring 011


Just sitting around!!

spring 004

I’ve told them, it’s eggs or roast chicken. Make up your minds!

6 Responses to “Spring things”

  1. Cameron Says:

    The first picture of the seedling, is that just a plastic storage box? Do you use that as a mini-greenhouse with a lid on?


    • foodnstuff Says:

      Hi Cameron,

      It’s a plastic box that came with a lid with a handle and air holes and was sold as a mini greenhouse. I bought a few and use them mainly for cuttings (with the lid on). I’m using them for seedlings, because they’re inside and I don’t have to worry about drainage problems. When I put the pots outside, I’ll put them into wire baskets where they can drain freely.

      The box is 30 cm long, 20 cm wide and 15 cm deep, with the lid on.


  2. rabidlittlehippy Says:

    We had a 1C morning here Monday night although yesterday was a balmy 20C during the day. It’s that time of year for funny weather.
    I bought all my seeds up at Diggers the other day so I’m about to start sowing them this weekend. Spring is just about here. YAY!


  3. Julie Says:

    hi there,
    first time i have “followed a blog” sorry,couldn’t work out where to post this question…..I am wanting to try asparagus in raised beds made of sleepers using the wicking method…given that asparagus prefer deep soil,could I make the wicking beds deeper than the usual 300mm?
    thanks Julie


    • foodnstuff Says:

      Hi Julie, thanks for following. Yes, I think you should make the beds deeper. I would make them at least 500 mm if possible. I’ve never tried asparagus in a wicking bed, so it would be interesting to see how it goes. Asparagus develop a very extensive, matted root system, as I found out when I tried to dig some up to shift them.


  4. narf77 Says:

    Hi Bev, long time no comment ;). Just got back from beyond the mental hills of study and it’s great to get back to checking out blogs etc. I had best go check the asparagus patches that nature has seen fit to allow to grow where the birds deposited the seed for years if it’s making an appearance. Not all that cold here on the river and I am snowed under with eggs and the duck has even started laying again! Lucky my daughters love fresh eggs or I wouldn’t know what to do with them all! I guess Wyandottes are an all year egg layer. I didn’t know that when we bought them as “Barnvelder” hens like your girls. Probably lucky that we were gipped! ;). Not sure about the added rooster snuck in under the guise of “hen” though. I can hear him crowing, and his son…and another one…and another one in the offing…sigh…


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