Great excitement here!

Next week I’m having a 4 kW PV solar system installed!

Weather permitting, of course. Twenty PV panels will just about cover my small roof. For those of you who know your solar, I haven’t got that wrong. These are new, 195 watt panels instead of the usual 250 watt panels. So, 20 x 195 = 3.9 kW. Not quite 4 kW but enough to brag about! As I said, weather permitting. The forecast is for rain. Fingers and toes are crossed.

I’ll be blogging more about it after the installation, but in the meantime, here’s a tour of the garden.

It’s a beautiful day today. Sunny. No wind. These tomato seedlings are having a day in the open to start the hardening off process:

saturday 001

These ones are slightly larger and have been out permanently for a few days. The big boys get to stay out overnight! :

saturday 002

A really nice-looking wicking box, with oak-leaf lettuce, red russian kale, and mizuna:

saturday 003

There are dozens of oak-leaf lettuces coming up in the food forest. The rabbits aren’t touching them, but to be on the safe side, I’m potting them up for planting into wicking boxes. Rabbits are perverse creatures; they will leave a plant alone for ages and just when you think they maybe don’t like it, they will totally destroy it:

saturday 004

These are red-veined sorrel seedlings.  I’ve never grown this variety before. They’re very attractive. I wonder how it would go as an indoor plant:

saturday 005

I suddenly realised this quince was in flower. And how. It has never had so many flowers before. In past years it’s only set a few fruits which dropped off before they reached any size. Last year one fruit got to be a mature size and then disappeared. It was hanging low to the ground, but I didn’t bother protecting it. Rabbits? Possums? Who’d want to eat something so hard and sour? :

saturday 009

Lovely display of quince flowers:

saturday 010

Tonight’s dinner. They grow so quickly. They can be a few inches tall one day and 2 feet the next. I’m checking the patch twice a day now:

saturday 011

And finally, because no post would be complete without the star attractions:

saturday 007

They’re right back into full laying now and suddenly there’s a dozen eggs in the fridge. And the friend who usually gets half a dozen a week is swanning around somewhere in Central Australia at the moment. So it looks like the solar panel installers (who are really nice blokes—I’ve already met them) might be taking home half a dozen each.

9 Responses to “Great excitement here!”

  1. Linda Woodrow Says:

    We have 4.5 kva, and the batteries are fully charged by 9 am. Even charging a car, we can’t use it all. You will be so spoiled with free energy! Enjoy.


    • foodnstuff Says:

      I’m looking forward to being spoiled! Unfortunately it’s still grid-connected, but if and when I win the lottery, I’ll be going off grid, pronto.


  2. narf77 Says:

    Was it very expensive Bev? We would LOVE to go solar but the cost is prohibitive to us here.


  3. Frogdancer Says:

    I love my solar. LOVE IT.
    Incidentally, last year you gave me a native berry bush. I’ve got it in a wicking box at the moment but the label has faded. Do you remember what it might be? I think the name started with ‘m’ but I could be wrong.


    • foodnstuff Says:

      Er… Ah! I think that would have been Midginberry, botanical name Austromyrtus dulcis. If you send me a photo I can confirm it. Is it doing well? They do grow VERY big (i.e. wide) and I think ultimately a wicking box won’t suit it. If it flowers and you get the little berries, extract the seed and sow it. They germinate easily. Then you can put one in the garden. Mine is about 3 metres wide at the moment.


  4. L from 500m2 in Sydney Says:

    Oh that is very very exciting! I would absolutely love to go solar one day, but we have a monster tree that shades our roof and our energy use is *ahem* high.


    • foodnstuff Says:

      Well, the price of solar panels is going down and maybe one day you’ll be able to do it. Meantime, there are lots of ways to save energy round the home.


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