Two good posts

I just read two good posts in my feed reader. I don’t have time to comment on them so have linked to them. I hope you can find the time to read them. Some of you may already be reading these bloggers, anyway. I hope so.

The first is from Linda Woodrow at the Witches Kitchen. It will really get you up to speed with gas—liquid petroleum, liquid natural and coal seam. Hands up if you know the difference and how they are produced. No hands? Then this post is for you.

Next is from Gail Tverberg at Our Finite World. Gail writes about peak oil and financial stuff and really knows her onions. Most people don’t ‘get’ what is happening around the world or why. Gail is the one to put you in the picture.

OK, off to get dinner. Happy reading!


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  1. Chris Says:

    Thanks, I’ll go read them. 🙂


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