Summer solstice

Today marks the summer solstice in the southern hemisphere, when the sun reaches its southernmost point in the sky and starts on its annual trek northwards.

I expect to see less and less generation from the solar panels from now on.  There are many trees on the north side of the house (it’s a bush block, after all). They aren’t that close to the house but there will surely be some shade in the winter months. Even if there was no shade, the fact that the panels are on the east and west facing roof means the sun’s rays will be hitting them at an oblique angle, which doesn’t make for good generation. I won’t really know how much the solar is doing for me until I have a full year of data.

The maximum solar generation for this half of the solar year was 27.1 kWh on December 7th. It will be interesting to see what the maximum will be for the other half.

The view from the deck, looking north:


Postscript: I planned breadmaking for today. I do it in the middle of the day now, so that the sun (i.e generation from the solar panels) will cook it. And wouldn’t you know it; it’s cloudy!

One Response to “Summer solstice”

  1. narf77 Says:

    Lol! Oh well…maybe its time to make yourself a clay woodfired oven for baking bread? We plan on making one when we finish whipper snipping…gardening…weeding…fighting the army of chooks that seems hell bent on taking over…dealing with our crunchy neighbour… learning to live with less…planting out our food forest… er… lets just say that “one day in the future” we will build a wood fired outdoor oven. For now I am just happy that we HAVE an oven and most grateful that it works. It might be summer solstice but that doesn’t mean our days are any less hot…pity the shorter days didn’t come with less heat to be honest.


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