Understanding collapse

Gail Tverberg over at Our Finite World has another really excellent post about Why a Finite World is a Problem.

I wish more people, particularly the world’s brain-dead  politicians, understood this stuff.

Meanwhile, those of us who do, can only continue to prepare for the coming crises as best and as quickly as we can, by becoming self-sufficient in food, water and energy and encouraging as many people as will listen, to follow suit.

4 Responses to “Understanding collapse”

  1. narf77 Says:

    We just scored a 10 000 litre water tank (only a year old) and pump for $900 yesterday…now all I need to source is a wind turbine and Serendipity Farm is almost self sufficient 🙂


  2. foodnstuff Says:

    That’s great! My ‘biggie’ is 9,000 litres and the 2 ‘littlies’ are 4,500 each. I drink it and water with it and use town water for everything else. I would need more storage to be entirely self-sufficient, esp in dry years.

    As a matter of interest, where do you get your firewood? Do you source all of it from home? BTW, I don’t know how big SF is—you’ve probably said in earlier posts, but I’ve missed it. Is there room to plant a woodlot?


  3. rabidlittlehippy Says:

    I cannot thank you enough for posting this. I’ve been trying to get my head around why I’ve felt so passionately that we need to sell our old house (it’s being rented out) and now I understand! We are keeping it for growth! I simply didn’t have all the pieces f the puzzle in an order where I could see the whole picture and now I do. THANK YOU!!!
    I shall be posting that video too as it really brings together all of the problems we are facing at the moment too.


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