Storing potatoes

Potatoes are so easy to grow and I always seem to have more than I can eat at any one time. As a result of which, in the dim depths at the back of the cupboard under the sink, this often happens:

saturday 002 (2)

Sometimes it’s even more embarassing and this happens:

saturday 002

So I need some other method for storing them where they won’t sprout. I investigated freezing and found that it’s possible but they need to be blanched first. So…peeled and diced, dropped into a pot of boiling water, then removed when the water comes back to the boil. Dropped into iced water to cool quickly and stop the cooking process. Drained and frozen in batches:


I’d hoped that when defrosted, they’d be suitable for potato salad, but I found that when I tried to mix them into the dressing they were too soft and broke apart. However they’re just great for mashed potatoes. Into the microwave for a minute or so, add butter, S & P, chopped parsley, a dash of milk and mash. Quick and delicious!


Handy hint corner

An old spice container full of fine sand, makes a great shaker for covering fine seeds after sowing:


4 Responses to “Storing potatoes”

  1. kayepea Says:

    Thanks for reminding me about the sand-covering jar Bev, needed that! šŸ™‚


  2. alexis Says:

    Someone just suggested to me making a gigantissimo batch of gnocci and freezing it.


  3. narf77 Says:

    Great ideas Bev. If I could grow potatoes well I still think that we would eat them all before being able to store them ;). Gnocchi is a good idea and I didn’t think that you could freeze spuds so I certainly learned something new today šŸ™‚


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