R.I.P. Mike Ruppert

Sad to read, at Dmitry Orlov’s blog, of Mike’s passing, especially that he took his own life. Peak oilers will know of Mike, of course. I could write more, but Mike Stasse, at Damn the Matrix, has said all I could say. His introduction to Mike’s writings was like mine. As Mike (Stasse) says, people  who carry the burden of what Richard Heinberg calls ‘toxic knowledge’, have to struggle hard against the ignorance and complacency of the general public and the politicians. I know, because that burden is mine, too. I read recently that Ruppert was suffering from depression, so maybe the news is not so surprising.

While you’re at Damn the Matrix, take a look at this post on the stupidity of the proposed new airport for Sydney. There is simply no future in fossil fuel-powered flight. None at all. Toxic knowledge indeed!


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  1. narf77 Says:

    Keeping the machinations of consumption ticking over whilst sweeping the dirty little secrets of how that consumption is being paid for in blood, sweat, tears and environmental degradation is what its all about Bev. It is a hard burdon to bear, the truth, and sometimes it can break people. Very sad to hear of this mans suicide 😦


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