Why you should grow your own food

Years ago I read this essay by Jared Diamond, and so began my hatred of the industrial agriculture model and my determination to escape from the toxic effects of it.

Here’s another really good post which goes into further detail, in particular with the use of poisons and GMO’s which Diamond didn’t mention, as it wasn’t such a big deal when he wrote his essay.

The woes of industrial agriculture.

Send this to your friends who are still dependent on supermarkets for their food. Commit this information to memory and try to wake people up. I’m sure the average Joe knows none of this. The need to walk away from industrial agriculture has never been more urgent.

Systemic collapse is just over the next horizon.

2 Responses to “Why you should grow your own food”

  1. rabidlittlehippy Says:

    Reading for after the kids are bed tonight. If you watch the news or read the papers it is so easy to see just how close we are to the collapse. Already the cracks are there and beginning to widen. Industry is closing down, fuel companies are selling off refineries and the marketing over what was once considered 2nd class fuels (tar sands, fracking, deep sea drilling) is really hotting up. People are realising and making the change but not fast enough. It’s time to scream it from the rooftops but more importantly it’s time to make ourselves as secure as we can be and NOW.


  2. narf77 Says:

    Converting food production to forest production here in Tassie… can’t eat eucalyptus trees folks! Nuff said!


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