The winter garden

Not much is happening and I’m not picking much. There are still a few tamarillos* on the trees and in the greens department there’s silver beet, dandelion greens and warrigal greens. There are oranges and (very) small mandarins.

The kale seedlings finally grew big enough to plant and I bought a couple of punnets of broccoletti from the old chap at the Sunday Market. They’ve all gone into the big planter box…:

…and there’s more kale in a wicking box…:

…and some climbing peas in a wicking box behind the potato onions…:


…and dwarf peas in another wicking box:


There’s just one celery plant:


Carrots are too small to pick.

Potato onions still looking OK.

Garlic likewise.

And leeks.

And that’s about it!

One good thing…I finally managed to buy a bamboo plant:


This is Bambusa oldhamii. I’ve wanted a bamboo for ages and finally Bunnings had them in stock. This one will grow to 12 metres. I want to use the culms for stakes, bean tepees and trellises and whatever else I can think of.

This is a clumping bamboo, not a running one, so it won’t take over the neighourhood. I’m not sure if rabbits like bamboo, but the wire circle means I’m not taking any chances.

I’ve started building the new chook run and coop, but I won’t write about it until it’s all finished.

* Just an update on the tamarillo seed for those who wanted some. I haven’t forgotten you! I extracted seed and dried it and it was very thin and immature-looking, so I’m leaving some of the remaining fruits on the tree till they’re almost ready to fall and hoping the seed will look more mature.

4 Responses to “The winter garden”

  1. lizard100 Says:

    Looks great.


  2. narf77 Says:

    We have bamboo on the property and nothing touches it so I think you are safe with the rabbits. The wallabies and roos here are more likely to raze things to the ground than any rabbit who would be lucky to get a loo in. They scoffed my poor Jerusalem artichokes (I had some red skinned variety I was trying to grow) down to nubs and they never grew back :(. I am wise to them now! Just put a wire cage around an artichoke that grew back after being abused by both wallabies and my chooks. Need to check around in the side garden where a tree branch fell down to see if the other one is still alive under there and if so, I have to protect that one as well…the things we have to do to get a bit of food around here eh? 🙂 Again, cheers for the info about yacon and I guess I should be planting out my potato onions?


  3. rabidlittlehippy Says:

    We’re planning for bamboo here too. Their nice fast growing and tall bushiness will block the less desireable view of the cemetary, the leaves are edible by stock (the goats) and we can harvest the shoots for ourselves, the bamboo itself for building and it also makes a great rocket stove fuel according to Geoff Lawton (from whom I got the idea). Our garden is pretty quiet too but there is heaps happening, just little edible. Some turnips, parsley, a few beetroot and baby carrots amongst the potato onions that are harvestable.


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