Cheesed off!

This isn’t a post about cheese.

It is really about being cheesed off (angry/annoyed/fed up).

I read this post about growing a shiitake mushroom log, by Kirsten at Milkwood Permaculture and decided I’d like to give it a go. There were three suppliers of mushroom spawn linked to (the third didn’t post to Australia). The two that did were:

I looked at both sites and chose the second one, ordered a batch of shiitake plug spawn, paid by credit card then sat back and waited for the card that told me AusPost had a parcel for me to pick up.

Over two months later and I’m still waiting.

I’ve checked the status of my order and it says ‘processing’.

I’ve emailed twice and haven’t had an answer.

I’ve tried ringing the freecall phone number at the site and I’m getting a ‘cannot connect’ message.

So I’m cheesed off. Mightily. I want my $48.50 back.

(Note: this is no reflection on Kirsten from Milkwood. I’m sure the link was given in all sincerity).


14 Responses to “Cheesed off!”

  1. fergie51 Says:

    How annoying! I’m getting to the stage of needing to do some new logs as the ones I’ve had going for 4+ years are nearing the end of their viability. I think I got them from Ceres back then. I believe the guy responsible is now part of that Otway mob. Well worth perservering, maybe a Facebook post? Seems to pack a bit of a punch especially if it’s not too positive. Just a subtle request might be all it takes! business is on the market, we have thought about looking at its potential. Goodwill may not be too hot! Have you asked Milkwood? They might need to know as referrals influence their business credibility too. Good luck!


    • foodnstuff Says:

      Thanks fergie51. As I’ve said in answer to the comment below, I don’t ‘do’ Facebook, but I will email Kirsten at Milkwood and let her know.


  2. notsomethingelse Says:

    Hi Bev, very disappointing. I see they have a Facebook page at: which appears to be in current use.

    You could try messaging their inbox there with a query about your order. Hope it turns good for you.


  3. notsomethingelse Says:

    Postscript to my previous comment: I just noticed that someone just posted on the Fungi Facebook page earlier today with a similar story to yours.


  4. notsomethingelse Says:

    Oh dear, it gets worse. There is a post on the Fungi Facebook page dated June 5 which says the business is up for sale as the owner can no longer service customers due to family commitments. I would still try to contact them through there.


    • foodnstuff Says:

      Thanks for all that, Bernie. I had a feeling they might have gone out of business. I don’t ‘do’ Facebook and don’t want to sign up just to contact them. It would have been responsible to put some info on their website AND refunded my money.


      • notsomethingelse Says:

        I am not sure if they have gone out of business Bev as they are still encouraging sales on Facebook with a June ‘Super Subscriber Special’.

        I applaud your stand on Facebook. I am only still using it as I have the ability to block them and the hundreds of other snoopers from seeing what I do anywhere online with the free ‘Do Not Track Me’ and ‘Mask Me’ software from

        Anyway, I took the bit between my teeth and posted this anonymously on your behalf on the Fungi Facebook page. Hope you don’t mind. There could be a lot of others in the same boat:

        “I have a friend who ordered Shiitake Mushroom Plugs two months ago online from the website, has neither heard nor received any communication since that time, and the order is still marked as being processed. They have tried to inquire about the order by phone and email several times without success. As they take the personal stand of having nothing to do with Facebook I decided to inquire here on their behalf.

        While one can sympathize with possible personal problems, if there is a prolonged issue with fulfilling orders at the present time (and given that a two month old order is still outstanding, I would think that would encompass quite a few others) then I would have thought that some statement to that effect, and an outline plan to remedy the situation or to provide refunds, would be forthcoming.

        How about it Fungi? Is this an ethical business, or not?”

        If anything comes of it I will let you know.


        • foodnstuff Says:

          Thanks, Bernie. The business is up for sale apparently. The only email I could find on FB was for someone who appears to be handling the sale. He’s replied and said he will pass my comments onto Fungi. So there may be a good outcome yet.


  5. narf77 Says:

    Oh bollocks 😦 At least you should be able to claim your loss on your card. Next time pay with Paypal methinks. I had a similar problem with a soy milk maker that I bought that didn’t work and that I had to return and suddenly the company went bust and it looked like I was going to be stuck with a broken machine and no warrantee…it all worked out for the best as another company was good enough to mend the machine for me (goodwill still exists) but looks like your shiitake logs might need to come from another supplier.


  6. Kirsten Says:

    Hiya, just clocked in to say that we’d used with no worries at all, always quick turnaround. But as I see they’re for sale now, who knows what’s happening there.

    We’ve switched a while back to the Otway folks for plug spawn who have been prompt suppliers, excellent product. Good luck with your shrooming!


    • foodnstuff Says:

      Hi Kirsten. There’s another company (Forest Fungi), which advertised next to your article in PIP magazine. Might give them a go, or the Otway people.


  7. notsomethingelse Says:

    Hi Bev, I received this reply on Facebook from the Fungi guy. How do you wish to handle it? If you wanted to give me the order number and permission to pass your name on, I would be happy to do that and then hopefully they would talk to you direct.

    ” Fungi Hi Bernie, thanks for your post – occasionally an order may go awry – We’re happy to look into the situation for you and certainly provide the product or a refund if necessary. We do need some information on the order however like a name or order number? Please send us a personal message on Facebook with a few more details so we can have a look at it for you.
    June 24 at 1:57pm · Like
    Fungi Thanks – Fungi
    June 24 at 1:57pm · Like
    Bernie Edwards Thanks Fungi. I am acting as a bit of as go-between here, which is not ideal. I will try to get the order details and pass them on. Then perhaps you would be able to deal with the lady direct. “


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