Drastic pruning

One of the tamarillos grew so tall before it branched that I wasn’t going to be able to reach the fruit when it fruited, so some drastic pruning was needed. There were some leaves left on the lower growth, so I was sure it would shoot out some new growth, which it did. It’s now about chest-high and I should get a good yield next season. That main stem is over an inch in diameter:


There were 4 other tamarillos in the greywater line that had never been pruned when small. While I could reach the fruit this year, it wasn’t going to be easy next year. Trouble was, there were no leaves at all on the lower growth to keep the plant going while new growth sprouted. Oh well, can’t be helped. Let’s see what happens:


I had a passionfruit vine growing around the water tank, grimly hanging on, not very tidily, to a length of plastic-covered wire, tied between the inlet pipe and the overflow pipe. I wanted to give it a wire trellis to hang on to and keep it properly pruned and tidy. To get the new trellis in place, the whole plant had to go. Again, there were no leaves on the lower growth:


I was doubtful that it would survive, but I wasn’t worried. Passionfruit grow easily from cuttings and I had several new plants ready to go if it didn’t. But look:


New shoots. And from every node. This will be a much better specimen.

5 Responses to “Drastic pruning”

  1. narf77 Says:

    What’s that they say about “tough love?” seems your tough pruning is showing that it’s true :). I didn’t know that passionfruit grows well from cuttings? Might be time to head out and find me some cutting material πŸ˜‰


    • foodnstuff Says:

      Yep, they grow easily from cuttings. The ‘proper’ grafted plants I bought died, so I tried cuttings from a neighbour’s vine and it worked.


  2. Bek Says:

    It looks so destructive, but it’s amazing how resilient plants are. I’ve had to but back my passionfruit a few times and I’m always amazed how it comes back. Just watch out for rootstock (if it is a grafted passionfruit) as I’ve found its more likely to send up runners when its been cut back hard.


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