Good peak oil stuff

Incubate Pictures are the people who made that excellent little (cartoon) film, “There’s No Tomorrow”. I’ve linked to it previously at this blog. It’s one of the best peak oil documentaries I’ve ever seen.

The link to it is at their site. They’ve done another great little doco about fracking, “Don’t Frack Our Future”; the link’s there as well. And some comic book stuff. Einstein teaching George Bush? Now THAT I’d like to see!

Check it out. Their stuff is very good.


3 Responses to “Good peak oil stuff”

  1. narf77 Says:

    ANYONE teaching George Bush would be good ;). My personal stance on fracking would run along the lines of “FRACK OFF AND LEAVE IT THE HELL ALONE” but I don’t think I am going to get much money in my kitty from crowd sourcing from that little effort do you? 😉


  2. narf77 Says:

    Didn’t know where else to put this but thought that you would LOVE this 😉


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