Peak Footwear

Something to think about. I go through a pair of cheap joggers a year working around the property. And look at that last sentence; “Some enterprising persons who know about leatherwork are likely to become highly prized members of any community if you ask me.”

Maybe shoemaking would be a good trade to learn for coping with a post -peak world.

Damn the Matrix

I was reminded to write about this subject some weeks ago when a Tassie friend of mine started listing essential things needed post crash.  On that list was footwear.  Shoes and boots, to anyone thinking like me of moving to a colder climate, are high on the list of essential things.  You can get away with walking around bare feet in Queensland for most of the year, but I suspect in Tasmania it would be out of the question, especially during the wet Winter season…….

So why write about footwear you ask…..  can’t I afford to buy sturdy boots to walk around the property?

Look around today at what people wear on their feet, and you will see shoes entirely made of plastic – read OIL.  Joggers and even loads of cheaper footwear these days are no longer made of leather.  I expect that with oil still being relatively cheap…

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3 Responses to “Peak Footwear”

  1. notsomethingelse Says:

    Totally agree. Since retiring, and as far as possible abandoning society, I find that I have nowhere much to go other than the occasional shopping trip, short walk, and working in the garden. But I quickly realised the importance of footwear for both now and into the future.

    I never liked ‘wellies’ and therefore have not found the need to own a pair. You can’t walk very far in wellies anyway. I am cognisant of the possibility that the future may very well require some personal migratory movement, wherever we are living and for a variety of reasons, and it cannot be ruled out that this journeying may well of necessity mean travel on ‘Shanks’s Pony’.

    My footwear collection has been built with these things in mind and consists of four pairs of hiking boots plus a pair of walking shoes. Quite often I don a pair of boots in the morning and don’t remove them until bed time, so comfort is paramount. This is not meant to be a plug but I have found that Hi-Tec boots have so far met all my expectations, and they are waterproof. They do have a PU midsole which I guess is subject to the deterioration mentioned in the article, but they are fortified by the famous Vibram rubber outsole. My oldest pair are coming up to five years old now so I guess I will find out soon whether they are due to fall apart but show no signs of this just yet.

    I agree that eventually though, we are likely to be restrained to using our own available resources for the procurement and/or manufacture of such items as these. Won’t that be fun.


    • foodnstuff Says:

      Thanks, Bernie. I’ve checked out the Hi-Tec website and there’s a stockist near me. Might go and have a look.


  2. narf77 Says:

    It isn’t just Tassie that is cold, most of Victoria would fit into this genre as well. Sturdy leather shoes last an amazingly long time and there are some awesome tutorials out there for how to resole them with rubber tyres.


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