Is it coming?

The Noisy Miners are collecting cobwebs from under the eaves.

The Wood Ducks are looking for tree hollows.

The Kookaburras are doing likewise (it’s apparently an uproariously funny process).

My tomato seeds are coming up:


And I found this under the trees, all ready to fry for tonight’s dinner:


Even the solar panels are producing above 4 kWh a day, highest they’ve been since May.

Yesterday Molly went into the nest and looked around… and my heart leapt. She came right out again… and my heart resumed its normal beat. But the signs are promising.

Spring must be coming!

I haven’t had any eggs since that hot week we had way back in January, when they stopped laying and moulted. I’ve been noticing that Molly’s wattles and comb are becoming a brighter red each week (Cheeky’s are so small, they’re almost not there). They’re both looking exceptionally handsome and healthy in their shiny new coats and I’m topping up the food containers more often, so they’re eating more. It’s time to start the daily treats of grated carrot and yoghurt again. I’m convinced the carrot is what makes their yolks so orange and the yoghurt helps with calcium intake.

They’re chatting to one another more, too. Normally they don’t vocalise much, only after laying. It’s a sort of querulous… “why am I feeling so funny inside at the moment?”  It’s hormones Girls! Let ’em rip!

I will be so glad to see the end of this cold, wet winter.

Roll on spring!


6 Responses to “Is it coming?”

  1. k8heron Says:

    I’ve been seeing signs everywhere too…and then we have a freezing morning like today & think Nature’s messing with me…
    Still, I think I’ll start preparing.


  2. thecontentedcrafter Says:

    I saw the first sign of buds forming on some plane trees yesterday……. there is hope 🙂


  3. Chris Says:

    You’re fortunate to have a wet winter. We’ve not seen much rain in our parts. It’s normal, but we usually get a little more than we’ve had.

    Here’s hoping for some home grown eggs soon. 🙂


  4. fergie51 Says:

    Yep, my tomato seed is now in, chooks still a bit hit and miss. Started again then promptly stopped. Someone recommended the occasional feed of tinned cat food to boost the protein to over 20% to kick start. Not sure about that!


    • foodnstuff Says:

      The breeder I got my Girls from said she gave them tinned tuna. I did for a while, but worried that I’d get fishy-tasting eggs, and anyway it’s not cheap and I reckon they should get all they need from their layer pellets, with treats of something a bit cheaper. I give mine hulled sunflower seeds when I lock them up each night. They’re high in protein and more natural for chooks than tinned fish.


  5. narf77 Says:

    Steve and I were amazed to see leaves on the fruit trees in the middle of winter and the maples are starting to bud up and one of them is in full leaf! That’s a bit crazy for Tassie but the signs of an early spring are all raging away. Jonquils everywhere as well as daffies…spring is on it’s way. Hope we get a bit more rain here as our summers are looooong and very dry and the tank is only quarter full…


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