Climate Change

For the last few weeks, I’ve been doing a series of on-line courses with Open2Study, one of the Open University programs.

Each course consists of 4 modules and each module consists of a series of 8-10 topics, with accompanying short videos. According to the time frames of each course, a module is meant to be completed in a week, so each course should be completed in 4 weeks. It’s possible to get ahead somewhat, although the assessments held at the end of each module may not be available until the required date.

In addition to revising my knowledge of basic physics and microbiology, I picked a course on the subject of climate change

It has been fascinating and even though I thought I was well up in climate change, there are new things I’ve learned.

I just started Module 4β€””Fixing it”β€” and it starts with the lecturer, Prof. Lesley Hughes, talking with well-known climate scientist, Prof. Tim Flannery. It’s well worth watching.

Prof. Flannery thinks we can fix it. I have to say I’m not as positive as he is, but you’ll have to make up your own minds.

I thought that because of the nature of the courses, I wouldn’t be able to embed a video in this blog, but I tried and it worked (there’s a written transcript with each video but that seems not to have been embedded).

So enjoy (and consider taking some of the courses that interest you).

5 Responses to “Climate Change”

  1. notsomethingelse Says:

    The Open University is a great concept. I studied with them for a couple of years in the early ’70s when they first started in the UK. I was doing a six credit BA course and completed Maths 101 and Technology 101, but I was in the air force at the time and after that my life became a little more complicated and was too unsettled to continue. I guess you could say that I have one third of a degree but have not found sufficient reason or motive to continue formal study since them. I haven’t stopped learning informally of course.
    Good on you for finding the resolve to keep formal learning going.


  2. narf77 Says:

    Is this a free course Bev?


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