Off-grid solar

No, I’m not going off-grid any time soon (oh, I wish), but at least I can read about other people’s experiences.

Thanks to this article in this morning’s Sunday Age, I’ve bookmarked the blog, The Off-grid Solar House, and look forward to reading the exploits of someone who is where I’d like to be.


6 Responses to “Off-grid solar”

  1. notsomethingelse Says:

    Agreed. Off-grid is the only way to ensure a continued power supply, at least for as long as the equipment functions.

    Perhaps a small wind turbine would also be useful. For anyone with a mechanical bent, I have obtained plans, many of which are free and the remainder reasonably priced, to build such facilities along with other useful stuff from here:

    Meanwhile, for anyone living in Victoria, Australia, who is reliant on at least some grid-supplied power, there is a way to do that without using fossil fuel driven sources. Here is a recent post I made on my Facebook page:

    Most people who know me would also know that I moved to a new address just over three months ago. At the time of my move I requested my then current energy retailer to take over my account at the new address. They arranged for the power to be switched on but failed to switch the account to themselves as retailer during that three month period. I called the retailer that I was told was blocking the transfer and they told me that they had not controlled my electricity meter since 2012. None of this is a satisfactory situation, except for the prospect that I may have received three months of free electricity

    I think the sticking point with my previous retailer may have been my insistence on buying only 100% green energy produced from renewable sources, which for several years, until my recent move, they had been willing to do. It seems that there is a move by the energy retailers to move away from selling renewable energy. Bad move.

    I am a member of the GetUp! activist group, though not a very active member. At the beginning of this week I received an email from GetUp! promoting a campaign to have as many people as possible to switch from their current electricity retailer to a new player in Victoria, Australia, called Powershop. So, I went online and signed up with them. It is a great deal, and I urge everyone to take a look. It could benefit your hip pocket as well as working for the environment. Have a look at this short video at least:

    Powershop is a New Zealand owned company associated with Meridian Energy, New Zealand’s largest power producer and only generating electricity from renewable sources.

    They have very flexible terms with no contracts and excellent online tools to enable close personal control of your energy consumption. Their unit rates vary by month of the year to reflect seasonal demands. Cheaper energy in Spring/ Autumn, more expensive, though probably cheaper than you are paying now, in the peak Winter/Summer seasons.

    You can pre-buy your power in ‘Packs’ at any time online, perhaps to take advantage of periodic specials, instead of waiting for a bill to arrive. Though you can do that too.

    All in all, it seems to be a great deal.


    • foodnstuff Says:

      Very comprehensive reply, Bernie. Thank you.

      Just goes to show that (most) electricity retailers are totally incompetent.

      Will check out Powershop but unless they pay me the same FIT as my present retailer, it’s not on, I’m afraid.


  2. narf77 Says:

    Cheers for the share Bernie, off to visit that site now. I want to install a wind turbine on Serendipity Farm as we are subject to the roaring 40’s on a regular basis and as we live directly around the corner of where the Tamar River meets Bass Strait we are not short of wind from that direction either and it just makes sense for a state with low sun levels to try to find something that they ARE rich in (hot air anyone? 😉 ) to utilise for power. Again, cheers for that share 🙂


  3. Chris Says:

    I had a quick squiz at the website, and it looks to be an interesting read. Not just sharing the generalised facts about solar energy, but actually talking through the experience.

    Will definitely sit down to read proper when I have the time. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


  4. theoffgridsolarhouse Says:

    Thanks all for the interest. As Chris noticed, I’m a “sharing lived experiences” kind of gal, not techs and specs. Working on a post at the moment about how many electrical appliances I use in a day with the off-grid system…straightening iron anyone??


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