Enough is enough…..

Watch the video that comes with this re-blogged post from Mike at Damn The Matrix. I’ve just ordered the book.

I think we can fix the problems and build a steady-state economy, but I can’t see the impetus ever coming from government. It has to come from a change at the grassroots level…from every one of us. We can stop the needless consumption of resources and energy. If we don’t nature will do it for us.

Damn the Matrix

This little video came past me during a heated disussion over at The Conversation.  I have to say, it’s one of the very best things I’ve seen in a long time, it almost gives me hopium!  It originated from http://steadystate.org/enough-is-enough

The standout statement for me, who submerges himself in all this stuff and finds it harder and harder to learn something new was this:

“Growth is a substitute for equality of income.  So long as there is growth there is hope, and that makes large income differentials tolerable”

And who said this?  Henry Wallich, former Governor of the Federal Reserve…..  of course as the film reveals, equality of income is also a substitute for growth…  This film also deals with the predicament of debt well.  Tim Jackson, whose lecture on growth is featured elsewhere on DTM makes an appearance also.

Also making an appearance in this film is the idea…

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One Response to “Enough is enough…..”

  1. narf77 Says:

    In an indirect way our government might just be forcing us to face up to living simply. Their latest round of “policies” to get “dole bludgers” down the salt mine and paving the way for full time work for the dole slavery to their esteemed lords and masters (the Rinehards and Murdocks) for the foreseeable future has everyone contemplating hard times and survival again. You just watch people cutting down, cutting out and learning to make/do themselves thanks to Mr Abbot and his desire to be The Sheriff of Nottingham. Some good may actually (indirectly) come from this horror of a government after all! 😉


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