Hen’s teeth?

It was a nice day and warmth is forecast for next week, so I thought I’d sow some of the seeds I bought yesterday—the cape gooseberries and the goji berries. The cucamelons will be left for a bit longer—when it’s really warm.

Are goji berries THAT rare?

This what I found in the seed packet:


A tiny glass vial containing 8 seeds. Eight!

That works out at just under 57 cents each!

Now I’ve grown goji berries before—a few years ago. All I did was buy a packet of dried berries in the supermarket, soak a couple in water and extract the seeds. They germinated well but the plants didn’t survive in the garden. Hence I thought I’d have another go and buy ‘proper’ seeds this time, from a seed supplier.

I’ve been well and truly had.

They’d better germinate.


4 Responses to “Hen’s teeth?”

  1. notsomethingelse Says:

    Wishing you success. Hen’s teeth seems a good description since the eight would just have come from goji berries too, and there is not much ‘value adding’ to be done with seeds other than letting them dry for a while.

    Better not let the ladies get too close 🙂


  2. narf77 Says:

    Don’t you HATE it when you are ripped off like that? Seems the legend of the goji is still hanging around. Do you notice how invisible they have become lately in the trending section? Seems they are good for you but taste like shite ;).


    • foodnstuff Says:

      Shite? Well, perhaps not quite that bad 😉

      See Frogdancer’s comment in the previous post. Apparently they taste much better as fresh berries, which is why I want to have another go at growing them.


      • narf77 Says:

        Not entirely a fan of the dried variety I can tell you! I had one and it was spindly and sad and pathetic and gave up the ghost and that made me think that they might not be worth bothering with but I did buy it from Bunnings so that’s probably not the best place to start 😉


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