Sausage making at Tarraleah. In someone else’s kitchen!

I’m reblogging this because it’s such a useful post, with great photos, especially for anyone planning a trip to Tassie. Good accomodation from the sound of it and a chance to learn a useful skill. What more could you want in a holiday?

Around The Mulberry Tree

This months “In My Kitchen” is not from in my non-existent kitchen! We have just spent 2 weeks touring the beautiful island of Tasmania which is in Bass Strait south of the mainland of Australia. The only planned event we had was to participate in a sausage making class at the amazing village of Tarraleah which is in the high country of Tasmania, located approximately midway between Launceston and the Capital Hobart.IMG_5867 The rest of our time was spent touring and returning to our comfy campsite based in Richmond. When we decided to do the trip to Tassie, I thought going to a class of some sort of foodie thing would be good to do. Googled, and the sausage making class at Tarraleah came up. Sometimes you just know things are going to be good purely based on the initial communication and service standards that you get. I can only say our…

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One Response to “Sausage making at Tarraleah. In someone else’s kitchen!”

  1. narf77 Says:

    I tried making veggie sausages once…once… 😉


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