Nuptial flights and chicken dinner

I went out to put the Girls to bed tonight and they were not interested in pre-bedtime treats as they were having a ball snatching up little flying things around them. Then I realised it was that time of year again—nuptial flight night. I wrote about it last year and thought I’d reblog that post. I took a punt on the time and selected October 2013 in the archives and sure enough, there it was. This year the event is a week later and as I said then, I don’t know what triggers it, but it’s usually at the end of a warm spring day. And lo and behold, today was our warmest day so far this spring. Ain’t nature wunnerful?

Here’s the reblog:


Last evening I was at the computer, clicking away and chasing links when I realised it was well after 7 pm and heading into twilight. The chooks were still in their outdoor ‘playground’ and needed to be shooed into their secure run and locked in for the night.

I dropped the mouse and went outside, only to be hit in the face by a horde of flying things. As soon as I saw the carpet of insect wings and staggering ants on the deck I knew what was happening. It was Nuptial Flight Night.

The house is surrounded by ant nests. I don’t know which species, but I think they’re sugar ants. They move enormous amounts of sand, bringing it up from below and making neat little volcanic cones of sand grains around each hole. Yet I rarely ever see any ants around the holes. I tolerate them because they…

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2 Responses to “Nuptial flights and chicken dinner”

  1. narf77 Says:

    No flying things here yet unless you count the blowfly that I can’t have managed to shush out of the window yesterday and who has decided to keep me company by bumbling around my PC monitor early this morning. We are always later than you guys at everything so I guess our nuptial flight night will probably be mid November. I will keep my eyes open for it and you can bet my chooks will be actively taking part 😉


  2. Chris Says:

    I do love how nature works. Its timed perfectly and everyone in the vicinity gets a good meal out of it – even the ground!


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