In a wildlife garden…

… you need to be careful where you put your feet.

You’ve put down new mulch. You’ve carefully raked it out level, nice and neat and tidy.

Then you a see a slight mound in the mulch.

You touch it—gently—and it moves!

Well… hello Blue!


(For overseas readers, ‘Blue’ is our native Blue-tongue Lizard. I think my Blue is the Blotched Blue-tongue.   Whatever species he is, I’m glad to have him in the garden, but I do have to watch where my feet go!)


One Response to “In a wildlife garden…”

  1. narf77 Says:

    We have a blue tongue lizard as well. We heard a big rustle in our hedgerow (just like a sprinkling from the may queen 😉 ) and there he was. He has moved in next to the back gate and lives in the overgrown native garden there. I was wondering who was eating the eggs! We have lots of small skinks inside Sanctuary who do ground patrol for insects and the spiders rule the top half of Sanctuary. The other day when we were digging a hole to plant out a thornless loganberry Steve dug up a toad! He was most put out that he had been rumbled and peed on me. “Hello warts!” 😉


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