Preserving mushrooms

They’re not the cheapest food to buy and I love them, so when I see them on special at the supermarket, I’m quick to snaffle up a bagful.

Because they dry so well in the Excalibur dehydrator :


Ready to store :


When I take them out of the dehydrator, the smell is unreal. Drying seems to really accentuate that beautiful mushroom flavour.

I use them in soups, casseroles and risotto. I don’t bother to rehydrate them, just toss them in as they are.

4 Responses to “Preserving mushrooms”

  1. yogaguerillagrrl Says:

    Great idea. I’m always buying mushrooms and forgetting to do anything with them until too late- and the chooks aren’t that into old mushrooms. Dehydrating would also work with the glut of Pine Mushrooms we get up here in Autumn.


  2. rabidlittlehippy Says:

    A visit to Laverton Market netted us 10kg of mushrooms for something like $25 which saw our little dehydrator working for about a week solid and as a consequence I had several large jars of dried shrooms. I still have the largest jar untouched (it’s a foot tall and about 1/2 a foot wide/deep) and I still have some left in one of the smaller jars. We use them in risotto too. 🙂


  3. narf77 Says:

    I love dehydrated mushrooms. They are excellent in just about anything to impart a deep mushroomy flavour. You are right about the cost though. I tend to only have them in any number when we grow them on our mushroom compost 🙂


  4. k8heron Says:

    Rats. Another thing I need to make the most of our produce (although I’ve had zero success with growing mushrooms). Thankfully I have a few years yet before we’re getting that much from our new garden.


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