I cannot comprehend that a snowfall could be as high as my chest. Take a look at these pictures posted by Terry Golson at Henblog.

I’m gob-smacked! What happens to a garden under all that snow? Will it still be there when the thaw comes? Flat as a tack?

The chickens look nice and cosy in their house. She says it’s a comfortable 20 degrees. That’s Fahrenheit!!!  Minus 6 degrees Celsius in Aussie language.

I will never complain about Melbourne’s weather again!

6 Responses to “Snow!!”

  1. notsomethingelse Says:

    “So much for global warming”, I can hear the cries from here, by people who have little idea that what they are seeing is just what is expected to be going on. Wild extremes of weather at both ends of the scale.

    Take a look at these current maps of the Northern Hemisphere centered on North America, showing temperature anomalies (differences from normal) and atmospheric pressure at sea level.

    The only area of ultra low temperatures in mainly over Canada, the Eastern US states + Greenland, while the rest of the Arctic region is enjoying much elevated warmth (relative to normal).

    Also, that same area is under extreme high pressure which, while I am no weather man, I suspect has something to do with the situation. Either that or someone over there has really upset the weather gods 🙂


    • notsomethingelse Says:

      I should have given credit for the maps to Sam Carana at


      • foodnstuff Says:

        People confuse weather with climate, that’s the problem. ‘Global warming’ gave way to ‘climate change’. Maybe it should now be ‘destabilising the climate’. I’ve come to understand that people believe what they want to believe, that’s why we’re done for! Thanks for posting the maps.


  2. narf77 Says:

    Nuts eh? We have only had half a month of summer and it appears we are back to autumn now, albeit warm and humid autumn… sigh…


  3. fergie51 Says:

    Snow always looks beautiful and then you think of how it would have to be managed and it loses its appeal greatly! I’d go nuts very quickly.


    • foodnstuff Says:

      I’d be worrying about my garden under all that stuff, not to mention having to shovel it away every time you wanted to go anywhere.


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