The Tindo bus

It sounds great, doesn’t it? In the future, we’ll all be running around in electric cars and buses. This bus is NOT carbon neutral. It takes energy (fossil fuel type energy) to mine the raw materials and manufacture the buses. It takes energy to mine the raw materials and manufacture the solar panels on the bus station and also to build the bus station. It takes energy to build the roads the bus runs on. I could go on. All this energy use results in carbon emissions. The bus is not carbon neutral.
I wish the media would do its homework on the laws of thermodynamics before crowing about how wonderful the future’s going to be. Electric buses are part of industrial civilisation and will end up in landfill just like the rest of it.
When fossil fuels are no more and raw materials have run out there will be no more buses.

the off grid solar house

So, it appears that Adelaide is leading the way with solar powered public transport.  I’ll never make jokes about it being sleepy hollow again.

The Tindo bus is the world’s first solar powered 45-seater, getting it’s charge from panels on the roof of the Adelaide bus depot.  With a range of 200 kilometres, it also carries a small ‘fast-charge’ unit in case it’s running out of juice while taking the tourists to Glenelg.

Now that the South Australian’s have achieved carbon neutral public transport, when do we start seeing them on the road here in Melbourne?

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