The famous Bartlett lecture

This video crossed my path again recently. It’s Albert Bartlett’s famous lecture, “Arithmetic, Population and Energy” and it’s billed in this youtube video as “the most important video you’ll ever see”. I’d agree with that. I think the world’s brain-dead politicians should be locked in a room together and made to watch it. But then, I expect very few, most likely none of them, would have the mental capacity to understand it. We wouldn’t have the unsustainable, useless society we have, if that were so.


3 Responses to “The famous Bartlett lecture”

  1. Frogdancer Says:

    You lost me at ‘arithmetic’…. 😛


  2. notsomethingelse Says:

    And it even has the ubiquitous three point title that pollies so adore.

    Oh, I see what’s wrong. There are no three word slogans.
    What if it was retitled:
    “Stop the Arithmetic, Stop the Population, and Stop the Energy”

    I can think of one pollie, dear to our hearts, who might go for that.
    Until someone explained what it means to him, at least 🙂


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